Kunst im Internet bei Krismaso-Finearts.com

About us

Our idea, to give people with talent and artists the possibility for publication. For the first time we existed as „International Fine-Arts“, but this name of us were taken away. Since 2006 we publish as „Krismaso- Finearts“.

We have still places in our Gallery and would be very happy for many artists, who wants to act their works of art on our sites. The publication as well as the walk on our sites is always free.

We finance us with donations. As well we would be very glad for your donation.

The publication on our sites needs no contract and/ or has no duty for payment of donations or something of that kind.

We like to discuss with you your personal wishes, just contact us.

So you can contact us:

E- Mail: krismaso.finearts@googlemail.com

Telephone: 04245/ 96 24 986

19.00 pm – 22.00 pm daily, as well on sundays and holidays